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How it Started

In the summer of 2022 at the end of my 8th grade school year, both of my grandmothers were having trouble with their cell phones and emails; basic issues such as how to find a downloaded email attachment and why their cell phones didn’t ring.  I started to think that other seniors could be having similar issues.


Soon after, my grandmother started visiting a senior center in Miami Beach to socialize. I tagged along and I asked if they needed any volunteers.  It was from that initial visit that Senior Tech Connect was conceived.  


Senior Tech Connect now presents classes at several independent living facilities, senior centers, and public library branches in Miami-Dade County.  It is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when we help seniors, and particularly when they understand how to better use technology.  It is fulfilling to know that Senior Tech Connect has given them a useful skill set that allows them to communicate more effectively with friends and family.


Nick Jachtchenco


Senior Tech Connect



Our team is dedicated to supporting and training older adults with all their tech needs. 



STC Founder 

As the founder of STC, Nick truly enjoys connecting with the elder community and helping them with their tech needs. 



STC Founder

As a separated Marine Corps Officer, Cole is passionate about developing a society that supports its elders and gives back to those who have contributed to its success.



STC Founder

Angy is passionate about helping older adults keep their minds active and engaged through technology.

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